Tim Zeiss- Evolving Visual Outbursts
On The Horizon-
It's Official! I Will Be Adapting/Illustrating A Graphic Novel Version Of Jack Blank's Short Story "Urban Legends Of The Dead."
We Are Currently Finalizing A Manuscript, And Storyboards Will Be Started This Week!
Keep Your Eyes Open For Character Sketches And Tickle Your Tastebud's With Jack's Original Story:

Also- Check Out Jack's Website Under My Links Section-
It's that time of year for "Gimme Baby Robots!!!"

This time the silent auction/group show will be held at:

Greenwood Collective
8537 Greenwood Ave N Suite 1
Seattle, WA 98103

on December 22, 7-10pm. Be there and buy CHEAP, AWESOME ART!

Originated by two Kings Dave Olsen and Mike Rea:
Visit the "For Sale- Prints" Section under Portfolio. This is your chance to purchase Hand Signed and Numbered Prints of Selected Paintings! (Only 10 Editions Per Piece!)