Tim Zeiss- Evolving Visual Outbursts
"Hammerhead Sherbert""I-Beam Fruitbat""Watermelon Terror""Birdseye Firefish""Beta Carotene""D+E Raise Them HOOFS!!""Stink Hurdles""Mole Roulette""Finnards""Bumpy Fizzy Trail""Cloven Beast""Dragon Point""Flowerbot Maim!!!""Splatter Self Portrait"Terrible O'Clock""The Three Faces Of Liberty""The Airwaves Of Butterfly Planet""Varsity Drizzle""Gravity Flipper Claw""The Shark Gang Cometh"Shark Gang- DetailShark Gang- DetailShark Gang- Detail (Muppet Self Portrait)"Take, Just TAKE!""Honey Paw, Forgive Me""Even Nunchucks Can't Stop The Pain"Even Nunchucks- Detail"My Melon Grew Eel Chicky Babies""Flamingo A Go-Go""A Colorful Yawn""Ugly Smiley Hate""Flying And Terrible""Eggman Defend Me!!""Dragon Grumble Loom""Dino Woof:"Android Crabs Love Cheese""Springboard Serenade""Dance Of The Nematodes"
Splatter Surrealist Exercises